Travel Bag Back Pack

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Design: Oval shape with flexible back strap belt
Colour: Navy Blue/ Black
Material: Jute Cotton Fabric
Accessories: YKK  Zipper, Nickle/ Chromium Coated Runners/Good Quality
Other Material: Soft Spong
Size:  Standard

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Nowadays, people travel a lot with necessary laptops and outfits, gadgets all in a single bag. This bag has multipurpose use. One can carry a big laptop and also can carry all the necessary items for a 2/3 days trip on a holiday.
It has so much space inside, can also take extra books, shoes and clothing for a change. Can keep the bag easily on a shelf or cabinet because of flexible design. It’s padding inside keep the laptop same from any kind of accidental damage. One can also carry a bottle at the back.
There are 3 separate chambers for multipurpose items to carry in each chamber. The wide soft pad at the back for comfort and can be adjusted accordingly.
This bag is very unique shapes and you would certainly love to have one.

Weight 1.810 kg
Dimensions 6 × 14 × 19 in


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